Wells have been known since ancient times as the main source for extracting groundwater from within the layers. The well is a tubular hole that penetrates the water-bearing layers, inside which water is collected and then brought to the surface to benefit from it. Previously, the process of bringing water to the surface was done by old common methods such as buckets. At the present time, man has invented water pumps that enable him to raise large amounts of water from inside the well to the surface in a short period of time and from deep layers in an easy and accessible way, and this is what caused the increase in groundwater consumption.

As a result of dealing with rocks of varying hardness, many methods of drilling groundwater wells have been developed to suit the type of layers being drilled, their hardness and the depth of the well. For example, we find that the methods used in excavating very hard rocks such as granite and dolomite with a dense structure differ from the methods used in excavating fragile and loose rocks from the sediments of sandy and gravel rivers. Therefore, the choice of the method of drilling wells has become closely related to the area of ​​the establishment of the well and the nature of its rocks, and some methods of drilling wells have become more common and successful in some regions than in other regions. In spite of this, it is sometimes necessary to modify the drilling process to suit the depth of the well, the drop and the nature of the aquifer, and finally with the main purpose of establishing the well.

Who are we?

Sahab Alofoq for drilling wells is considered one of the leading companies in the Kingdom. The company was established in accordance with the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represented by the Ministry of Water and Electricity.. The company implements its projects through a well-trained work group and by using the latest equipment and machinery. And through specialized engineers with extensive experience in this field, the company follows advanced scientific methods in implementing its projects, and specialized geologists to make a description of the site before starting operation and during work, as well as for the soil layers, and submit a technical report on that after the completion of the work.

Water well maintenance

Sahab Alofoq drilling and implementing wells by modern methods

Maintenance of previously established wells

Cleansing the wells, solving all its problems, and restarting it again

Maintenance and operation

Maintenance, operation and water pumping in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Excavation and implementation

Drilling and implementation of groundwater wells by mechanical and hydraulic method

We are working on developing our Services


New With Shab Alofoq


Sahab Alofoq drills wells in several different ways, namely:

  • Manual drilling method
  • Micro-drilling method
  • Rotary drilling method

Exploration work


Doing all kinds of investigations, field tests and supervising the works


Supplying pipes (kissing) required for wells


We supply iron pipes, as well as plastic pipes, which are characterized by high hardness and non-corrosion, as they do not rust or rust, and have a smooth inner surface, which reduces resistance to fluid flow and high resistance to chemicals of all kinds.


Blowing and cleaning water wells


The well is cleaned of sand either by suction or by washing. Washing is preferred for many reasons, the most important of which is speed in completion, and protection of well equipment from corrosion.