Operation & Maintenance

Water desalination networks and plants

Works of water and sewage purification networks and stations

Air conditioning installation and maintenance

Electric power generation networks and stations


Treated water works

Maintenance and operation

This initiative is to study the development, sale and allocation of Treated Wastewater (TSE). The Business Development Department is currently studying several options to benefit commercially from the reuse of treated wastewater by following a methodology that will help reduce the current demand for potable water by providing large quantities of treated wastewater suitable for uses in the agricultural, industrial and commercial fields and using it for cooling purposes. Among many other uses for non-human consumption


Water projects


Evaluating water-related projects, which include operation and maintenance of desalination plants, water treatment plants, and irrigation water projects, highlighting Sahab Alofoq’s extensive experience in these fields, in addition to contracts for waste water treatment projects. These facilities


Quality and excellence in performance

Providing quality to customers

We are keen on the highest level of quality in all the products and services that we offer. Quality is an uncompromising standard that we set for ourselves in all our operations and activities. Superior work is the main component of products of superior quality and is the source of our reputation regarding excellence and high standards.