Installation & Maintenance Pumps

Turkish Ferat pumps agents

Supply, installation and  maintenance of pumps 

Pump maintenance

We remove the pump from the well, transfer it to the maintenance center, return it to the well again, and install it at competitive prices .

Supply of submersible pumps

We supply all kinds of Turbine Submersible Pumps,

Well development

We pump water through a high-productivity pump to clean the well from sand and sediment,

Well testing

We test wells in several stages with reading water levels and determining productivity.


Submersible Motors

Pump works


Vertical Turbine Pumps and Mechanical Services

We supply vertical turbine pumps and supply a full range of oil or water cooled turbine pumps for agricultural, industrial and commercial applications,


Valves and connections

Providing quality to customers

We supply valves for all industrial sectors with sizes up to 3000 mm. Available types of valves: butterfly, gate, air relief, pressure-controlled and non-return valves.


Electric Cables

We supply all kinds of cables

Including cables that are resistant to fire and high temperature, in addition to cables that are resistant to heavy conditions and liquids. These cables are able to withstand various liquids (such as fresh water, sea water, and sewage water).